Pastoral care

Annual general meeting of the catechists

February 4th 2023 All Catechists from the 5 Parishes of Ng'arua Deanery (Kinamba, Mochongoi, Muhotetu, Sipili, Ol Moran) gathered today at Sipili for their Annual General Meeting at the beginning of a New Pastoral Year. Catechists worked on the following agendas: 1) Elections of a new Catechists Deanery COMMITTEE. 2) Launching of new PRAYER BOOKS in Kiswahili and English for our Deanery (Prayers, Rosary, Way of the Cross, Mourning, Christmas Novena), as well as the Book for Catechists leading Sunday Service (Ibada ya Neno) in Kiswahili. 3) Programs of FORMATION ...

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