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Hekima II
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Ol Moran Catholic Mission has always been committed to promoting accessible education and development of local schools.


Ol Moran Mission is supporting several educational projects coordinated through the School Support Program (SSP):
Click here to read the last news about the School Support Program.

Main projects of the SSP:

1) Scholarship:

The SSP offers financial support (Scholarships, or Bursaries) to needy and deserving students in the local Secondary Schools, as well as in the Parish Primary / Junior Secondary School ‘Tumaini Academy’.

You can contribute to the Bursary Fund with euros 200 per year, or with any occasional amount.
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2) Development & Feeding program:
• The SSP supports the development of local Schools, especially in the most neglected villages, contributing with new classrooms or other facilities, as well as water tanks,  textbooks, or other school materials needed.

• The SSP offers also an occasional support to the “Feeding Program” to local Schools that are not yet supplied by the Government, through donations of food for the daily meal of the pupils. This initiative favours regular school attendance of the pupils.

You can contribute to the Development Fund with any occasional amount.
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3) Formation:
Through the School Support Program, Ol Moran Mission offers to the local Schools religious education and spiritual assistance:

Students: Students: Christian Youth Movements, religious and educational activities in the schools, Scout movement;
Teachers: professional or spiritual formation; Catholic Teachers Association;
Trainings & initiatives: spiritual, environmental, educational activities;

You can contribute to the SSP General Fund with any occasional amount.
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4) Educational institutions:

The SSP has also contributed in creating and supporting the Parish School Institutions:
– “Tumaini Academy”;
– “Hekima House”;
– Teachers Professional Training.


Tumaini Academy Parish School, Nursery, Primary, Junior Secondary, Mixed, Day & Boarding, is located in Ngare Narok village, next to Ol Moran town.
Opened in 2013, the school is currently attended by 320 pupils. In 2014 it was registered by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kenya.
Since January 2023, the School offers the Junior Secondary level, implementing the new CBC System (Competence Based Curriculum).
Boarding Service is also available, and it can accommodate up to 160 pupils.
The School  aims to promote Human and Christian development within the local community through Quality Education, strengthening the hope for a better future (“Tumaini” in Swahili language).

MOTTO: “Furahini katikaTumaini”, “Rejoice in hope” (Rm 12:12)

To support the school:

  • “Adopt a Teacher” project: with a contribution of 1500€ per year you can help the school to take care of teachers’ remuneration. This project helps in keeping the school fees as low as possible, making education accessible to the local community and assuring higher stability of the teaching Staff;
  • Free Contributions: every financial support is helpful to develop the School, purchasing books and other school materials;
  • Buy the book “The Church of Saint Mark in Ol Moran: the book is documenting the project of building the Parish Church of Ol Moran (2012-2015). You can post a request for a copy to the email address saintmark@olmoran.it.



Tumaini Academy development


New buildings: the Boarding facilities are now completed and Tumaini Academy can offer dormitories for boys and girls and a new Multifunctional Hall with new kitchen, library and computer room.

Main Sponsors to the Boarding Facilities:

The first dormitory, inaugurated in 2019, was funded by ‘Costruttori di Solidarietà’ Foundation from Pordenone (Italy).

The second dormitory and the Multifunctional Hall were funded by the ‘8xMille’ Fund of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Italy (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana), and co-funded by the Diocese Patriarchate of Venice (Italy), Mwanga Association (Italy), other friends, groups and well-wishers.

The technical project was developed and donated by Arch. Stefano Battaglia, Studio di Progettazione SBA, Venice (Italy). The works were implemented by JONJU Building Contractors, Eng. Joseph Njuguna from Nyahururu (Kenya).

The new buildings were inaugurated on February 17th by Rt. Rev. Joseph Mbatia, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu, in the presence of H.E. Hon. Joshua Irungu, Governor of Laikipia County.

Click here to read the last news about the parish facilities.


In addition to the common curriculum Tumaini Academy is developing also special educational projects:

  • Boarding School and Rescue centre:  Tumaini Academy is currently the only Primary School offering boarding  service within Ol Moran Location;
  • Sports: The School is developing a special project for Sport activities, especially Athletics, in order to foster Pupils’ talents and abilities;
  • School Farm: Tumaini Academy is also developing a School Farm with educational purpose, to offer to the pupils the chance of experiencing farming activities and developing good attitude towards manual work;
  • Arts & Music Programs: such activities develop from the cultural and ethnic heritage, favouring integration and good exposure of the different ethnic groups;
  • Day Care and pre-school activities for kids under 4 years is offered daily at the Parish Centre;
  • Care for pupils with Physical Disability: in cooperation with the Children House managed by the Sisters Servants of the Visitation, the School is developing a program for special care to pupils with physical disabilities;
  • School Transport: the School is equipped with a Mini-bus that provides transport to the Pupils that request for it.


The Student Catholic Hostel “Hekima House” provides boarding service to students registered at Ol Moran High School. Active since 2009, the House can host up to 100 Students, both boys and girls.
At Hekima House, Students are attended by Educators, and can find a conducive environment for studies. They also receive Christian and social formation through a community-based lifestyle.
You can support Hekima House with a yearly Scholarship of 200€, or with any occasional contribution.

Click here for more information.

NAME: “Hekima House”, means House of Wisdom;
MOTTO: “Hekima ameijenga nyumba yake” (Pv 9:1), “Wisdom has built her house”.


Kiamariga College, Ol Moran Campus, Hekima House

At Hekima House, Ol Moran Parish is also hosting a Campus of Kiamariga Teachers Training College (Karatina, Nyeri). On a school based program, the course offered are: Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE), Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE), Upgrade to Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (UDPTE), Upgrade to Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (UDECTE).

The first session was offered in December 2022. Next in-take will be in April 2023.